Keep It Flowin’!

While the pun of being busy-bees over here has been implied once or twice, the workload is fast and furious. With the print versions of both The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Prophecies and The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Return to Anaedor by Kristina Schram being complete, The Cydonia Objective from David Sakmyster getting the final OKs in print (for now find it in e-book), as well as the new additions of book two and three of the Vatican Knights series in Shepherd One and The Iscariot Agenda respectively in e-book (print to come next for the four Rick Jones thrillers including The Tombs of Eden) this has been no small feat.  All of this has been accomplished since August of this year.

We are hoping not to be done for 2012. While the end of the year is upon us, more talks are in the works with some pretty high-profile authors for both print and e-book collaborations. Nothing is inked out yet, but the talks are free-flowing.

Being that Thanksgiving is only a day away I would like to thank all of our authors on board, the others who are considering, and the readers who are partaking of this great independent spirit – sharing their thoughts, reviewing the titles (whether it is only a few lines or many), and passing them off to others to enjoy too. Last, but not least: all you supporters behind the scenes, you know who you are. Cheers to all for a safe and happy holiday!

–The Hive


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