Our Hearts Go Out

All of us at Hive would like to send our prayers and thoughts to the city of Boston regarding the tragedy. Be mindful though, keep your focus on those affected and let the offenders names, positions, and other crimes fall off the edge of the Earth into oblivion after they have been found.

Often you read books to remove yourself from real-life situations, many times images flash in our minds mimicking scenes like what we saw on the internet or television in the pages of thrillers and suspense novels. Normally though we focus on the violence and heinous acts in the books we read, not the selfless acts of kindness and love of strangers – things we must keep in the forefront of our minds at all times.

Staying with that theme I think it goes without saying that the nation would like to thank the brave people who jumped into duty, regardless of their role – bystander, soldier, officer, fire fighter, the rest. You are all heroes and the reason that the world still has hope for the future.

There will be no sensationalism here. The pictures won’t be posted of the aftermath in the streets, or the bust-pics of the lost lives. The killers won’t get that ‘pleasure’. Just a memorial post to remember the good people, the souls they carried, and the families and community members who need our support.

As Americans we must stand united. United in love.


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