Frozen – A Short Story of Horror

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Frozen: A Short Story of Horror

by Rachelle Bronson


What would you do if your dreams could kill you?

High in the Himalayas, something is stalking the dreams of Dr. Mackenzie Skillman and a team of scientists, as they try to dissect and analyze a newly discovered breed of humanoid. Can they survive long enough to find its origins, or will a strange psychic siege lead them all to their deaths?

“With FROZEN Rachelle Bronson brings 21st century storytelling mojo to a classic-style weird science tale of horror and adventure. Delicious!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of EXTINCTION MACHINE and V-WARS

“FROZEN is a chilling story of harrowing suspense and twisting surprises. Bronson is an author to keep an eye on.” Kane Gilmour, bestselling author of RESURRECT and co-author of RAGNAROK

“Frozen is Rachelle Bronson’s debut solo publication, and for a short story it sure packs a lot into its pages.  This chilling claustrophobic tale has echoes of The Thing, and  Horror Express, which is not a bad thing for a horror story to echo as these are two of my favourite horror films.”Rachelle, does a fantastic job of keeping the narrative moving along in a taught and gripping manor, while still maintain a brilliant sense of isolation and paranoia.  And while the final twist of the story may be obvious to some of you, that by the time you have finished this excellent story you can forgive her for it.

“If you are looking for a way to cool down during these hot summer nights, then this is an ideal way to send a shiver down your spine.”  –

“Masterfully crafted and extremely well done. By the time I was finished I was begging for more. Rachelle Bronson definitely has her finger on the pulse of modern-day science and horror, blending them into a fantastic storyline that will assuredly make her a rising star.” –Rick Jones, bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series and the Eden (Saga)

“Rachelle Bronson’s FROZEN is a slick thriller that sends the reader on a dizzying journey from the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of human villainy.  Bronson writes with an assured confidence that heralds the arrival of a talented writer I’ll be reading for years to come.  FROZEN is great stuff!” –Jon F. Merz, bestselling author of The Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul and the Lawson Vampire series


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