The Bleeding Door – Book 1 of the Legends Series

~Coming Fall 2012!~

The Bleeding Door - Book 1 of the Legends series

The Bleeding Door – Book 1 of the Legends Series
By Tylar Drake


In 1888 a young boy is crushed to death in a horrific cane-mill accident.

Still in the midst of mourning her sister’s savage murder, Mikal Cahill, an award winning reporter for the LA Times, at the request of her court appointed therapist, is unpacking her belongings in her new home, The Mclean Gables, in Crabshaw, Kentucky. Nick Stanton, her father’s old partner, is there by her side for support. Strongly urged to move far from the blood soaked and twisted troubles of Los Angeles, Mikal still can’t seem to shake the flashbacks of her sister’s violent end.

But as time moves forward, the strange occurrences happening around the property and it’s nearby woods; the sound of stacking of lumber and the banging of a mill door, and the infamous bleeding door, force Mikal and Nick to investigate the curious history of the town and its quirky residents.
Nick uncovers a mind-blowing truth about his missing past in the dank archives of the city-hall basement, as Mikal discovers that to two most prominent families in town could be behind the town’s most heinous and devastating death, one hundred and ten years before.

All while the spirit of Mikal’s sister Sagan, hovers nearby…waiting.


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