The Thrones of Eden – Book 3 of the Eden Saga

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The Thrones of EdenBook 3 of the Eden Saga

by Rick Jones


Less than a year ago Alyssa Moore and John Savage made the discovery of a lifetime. Beneath the sands in southeast Turkey they discover what appears to be the cradle of mankind, the Great Temple of Eden. Now, a second temple has been unearthed, indicating that it houses the Tomb of God. While trying to uncover the truth of whether or not God truly resides within the crypt, John and Alyssa awaken something that is far deadlier than the things that had walked the warrens inside Eden. As they fight their way through the temple of Mintaka to stay alive, they eventually uncover gruesome prophesies regarding the future of mankind. So not only do they find themselves in a battle to survive, they’re also caught in a race to save mankind.


3 thoughts on “The Thrones of Eden – Book 3 of the Eden Saga

  1. Since the “buy” links above do not seem to be active, should I assume that “The Emperor of Eden” has not yet been released for purchase? Is there an estimated date for availability?

    • Good day, Catherine,

      Thank you for your interest in Eden book 3! You are correct, it is not yet available but we are hoping to release it for the holiday season.

      Enjoy the rest of your week.


      • Hello again, Catherine,

        Book 3, The Thrones of Eden, is now available. If you have not yet purchased your copy, please feel free to go to your favorite ebook retailer.

        Again, thank you for supporting Rick and the HIVE.

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