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Are you a traditionalist? Perhpas you have not invested in an e-reader yet? Out now in Trade Paperback, these titles are sure to please.


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The Cydonia Objective

The Cydonia Objective – Book 3 of the Morpheus Initiative series

by David Sakmyster


In this pulse-pounding, mind-expanding conclusion to the Morpheus Initiative trilogy, psychic Caleb Crowe must locate the ancient Spear of Destiny – the one item with sufficient power to destroy the Emerald Tablet – before those who stole it can unlock its power and use it eradicate all life on the planet. It’s a quest that will lead Caleb and his team through history, even viewing events beyond the Earth, where ancient enemies started a war that has yet to end.

From the caverns under the Sphinx to ancient ruined cities in Pakistan, and then on to a secret government project in Alaska, the Morpheus team will ultimately track the Spear to the Statue of Liberty, along the way encountering new psychics, deadly enemies with abilities to block their visions, and mysterious ancient knowledge locked away in the most unreachable of places…


“David Sakmyster combines expertly researched historical mysteries with compelling modern characters, intriguing plot twists, and breathless pacing. His archeologist heroes seek not just legendary secrets, but the secrets within themselves.”
— William Dietrich, author of The Dakota Cipher and Blood of the Reich.

 “…Indiana Jones meets the X-Files — an archaeologist adventurer with psychic powers of remote viewing who can see the past, ancient treasures, historical mysteries, action and adventure that crosses the world, and a damned good story.”
— Kevin J. Anderson, #1 international bestselling author of The Edge of the World.

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The Tombs of Eden by Rick Jones

The Tombs of Eden

by Rick Jones


In southeast Turkey where the heads of the four main rivers once met, a magnificent temple created 14,000 years ago is discovered beneath the desert floor. Believed to have been created by lost technology, it is quickly determined by a team of archeologists to be the centerpiece of Eden, a once illustrious civilization and the cradle of mankind. But what if Eden is not the Paradise texts make it out to be? What if it held dark secrets and unholy terrors instead? As Senior Archeologist Alyssa Moore and her team of experts discover the truth of man’s beginning, she realizes that the secrets of man’s true origins lie within the sacred tombs inside the temple. But the journey for the truth is not without its dangers or pitfalls . . . Or of the ‘things’ that walk the warrens within.


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The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Prophecies – Book 1 of the Anaedor series

by Kristina Schram


Strange things happen to fifteen-year-old Lavida Mors. Maybe that’s why her father sends her to Portal Manor, a mysterious family estate she never knew existed. Lavida quickly discovers that not everything at Portal Manor is as it seems when she stumbles across a secret passage to a hidden world—Anaedor. Long ago, humans drove the Anaedorians, a civilization of magical and strange beings, into the dark world of huge caverns, frigid rivers, and bottomless pits deep within the earth. Malevolent forces, led by the evil Malvado, seek to control all of Anaedor, but an ancient prophecy tells of a hero who will save them from destruction. While trying to escape the dark realm, Lavida must battle overgrown leeches, survive a poisoned arrow, and outwit a giant, all while trying to convince the hopeful populace of Anaedor that she is not the savior they believe her to be.

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The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Return to Anaedor – Book 2 of the Anaedor Series

by Kristina Schram


After escaping from Anaedor, fifteen-year-old Lavida Mors starts a training course with her guardian, Mrs. Keeper, in hopes of improving her magic skills before the dreaded Malvado returns. But while trying out a new spell, something awful happens, and she vows never to do magic again.

When an unexpected discovery forces her to return to Anaedor, she is faced with her most terrifying challenges yet. Strife reigns in the hidden underground world as lootings and burnings break out, and numerous enemies conspire to capture Lavida, fight her, even kill her. Without magic, how can she possibly flee from dragons, escape the Goblins, outwit the ruthless Frio, and fight a duel with a young rebel intent on proving she’s not the One?

Time is running out. If Lavida doesn’t learn to trust herself and her skills, a series of catastrophic events will ensure that she and her friends never make it out of Anaedor again.


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