They’re Coming To Get You, Earthlings!

The Menagerie, book 2 of the Eden Saga, is live. If you read The Crypts of Eden, this is a MUST-GET from Rick Jones!

The Crypts of Eden by Rick Jones     The Menagerie, book 2 of the Eden Saga by Rick Jones

“Exciting – engaging – entertaining – excellent! Jones outdoes himself!” – Ashley L. Knight, author of The FINS Trilogy

Nearly sixty-five million years ago an asteroid collided with the Yucatan Peninsula. When an earthquake exposes something 2000 feet beneath the Yucatan, cryptanalysts Alyssa Moore and John Savage are called in to investigate this peculiar structure bearing uncanny resemblances to writings in Eden. Inside the remnant below: awakening apex predators from throughout the universe.


The Menagerie – Book 2 of the Tombs Series

Thousands of you have purchased and enjoyed The Tombs of Eden by Rick Jones. Well, get ready for book 2, The Menagerie:




Nearly sixty-five million years ago an asteroid collided with the Yucatan Peninsula in the fifth and final Extinction Event that nearly destroyed all life on Earth. But when a recent earthquake exposes something unusual 2000 feet beneath the Yucatan Peninsula, cryptanalysts Alyssa Moore and John Savage are called in to investigate this peculiar structure that bears uncanny resemblances to writings discovered in Eden.

Working with the Department of Defense, John and Alyssa discover the remains of what is believed to be the cataclysmic bolide to have struck the Earth sixty-five million years ago is actually a broken-off section of an intergalactic ark.

Inside this remnant, they discover a zoological lab containing a menagerie of apex predators gathered from all points of the universe. But as John and Alyssa begin to tie in the writings on the ship to writings they discovered in Eden, a DOD military faction seeking intel unwittingly disrupts matters by awakening sleeping giants.

Finding themselves fighting for self-preservation and for the salvation of Earth, John and Alyssa battle soldiers trying to kill them for the sake of completing a hidden agenda . . .

. . . and against the most vicious predators in the universe.

Please Welcome Book 1 & 2!

As some of you know due to reading it already, the third book in the Morpheus Initiative series, The Cydonia Objective, has been here since day one of the Hive Collective. Well, we would like to welcome the first two books in the series, The Pharos Objective and The Mongol Objective, to the party. Writer of the Future standout, David Sakmyster, is quite the master of words, so be sure to pick up this series if you have not already read it as Kevin J Anderson, William Dietrich, and M. J. Rose have all given acclaim to the words held within its pages.

Currently available in ebook, coming soon in print!

Buzz ya later!

Direct To Kobo

Hey readers,

While our books were previously available to you Kobo folks via Smashwords, we have recently decided to go direct-to-Kobo. If you have not had the opportunity yet to read a Hive title, please take this chance – we even have a few $.99 titles like The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Prophecies and Pandora’s Ark.

Thanks for reading! Buzz you later.

Our Hearts Go Out

All of us at Hive would like to send our prayers and thoughts to the city of Boston regarding the tragedy. Be mindful though, keep your focus on those affected and let the offenders names, positions, and other crimes fall off the edge of the Earth into oblivion after they have been found.

Often you read books to remove yourself from real-life situations, many times images flash in our minds mimicking scenes like what we saw on the internet or television in the pages of thrillers and suspense novels. Normally though we focus on the violence and heinous acts in the books we read, not the selfless acts of kindness and love of strangers – things we must keep in the forefront of our minds at all times.

Staying with that theme I think it goes without saying that the nation would like to thank the brave people who jumped into duty, regardless of their role – bystander, soldier, officer, fire fighter, the rest. You are all heroes and the reason that the world still has hope for the future.

There will be no sensationalism here. The pictures won’t be posted of the aftermath in the streets, or the bust-pics of the lost lives. The killers won’t get that ‘pleasure’. Just a memorial post to remember the good people, the souls they carried, and the families and community members who need our support.

As Americans we must stand united. United in love.

Who has time?

I know – life is busy! Between work, kids, dinner, and everything else, time to read is at an all-time low. But when is your favorite time to read? Before bed, during lunch, or perhaps while the kids are napping?

When you do have time, what do you like to fill it with? Fiction or non-fiction? We would love to hear what reading occupies your time.

Continued happy reading!

Ebooks To Ravage, And Other News

The turn of the year has been exciting for The HIVE. The last two books of the Anaedor Young Adult Fantasy series have gone live (print books to come soon) with an amazing pricing structure, the fourth book in the Vatican Knights series, Pandora’s Ark, is a smash success, four books from renowned author K.W. Jeter are nearly ready to go on sale (Kim Oh series), another great thriller from Rick Jones is nearly ready for upload in Familiar Stranger, and a short horror tale, Frozen, from Rachelle Bronson (The Novel Blog) is going through some edits as we speak. Did you have to come up for air on that one? I know I did.

So, what is in the future for The HIVE? That is a great question! Two more books in The Tombs of Eden series, another in the Vatican Knights series, and potentially more in the Kim Oh series.

Please do not forget to review the titles you feel made an impact on you. The time you spend doing this makes an impact on the author, their writing, and their future.

Do you have something to say? We would love to hear from you. What have you been reading in the past few months? What soundtrack are you currently writing to? When do you have time to read? Fill in the blank —–.